Sunday, January 06, 2008

Swabian Woods

Today I received a comment over at my other blog (thanks Pam) which has inspired me to do a bit more here.
So, back to Germany! The area in which we were staying was a national park and we enjoyed exploring the surrounding forests. I realise that my photobox albums keep timing out so will endeavour to rehouse my photos on flickr or photobucket in the near future. For now click here to see our nature rambles. I will try to keep myself logged in.


We found this fantastic old wooden mill when tramping the Müllenwanderweg trail (after following local signposts and vandering round in circles which was getting to be a bit of a habit) The first known mill here dates back to 1271.

Things we learned!

German slugs are BIG and bright orange in colour. Große but interesting!

CJ still hasn't lost his touch as top butterfly catcher. He is an human magnet for anything that flies, hops or has fur.


Jenn4him said...

What a lovely blog you have over here! I love looking at photos from Europe. Keep it up!

Keri said...

My kids would love to get that slug into a jar!