Sunday, January 13, 2008

Mont St Michel - France

I've always wanted to see the Mont de St Michel in Normandy. Even though I've viewed it in many books, like the rock of Gibralter, nothing really prepares you for the moment you happen upon it. It really is a spectacular sight - one large cone of rock jutting out of the sea topped by a great Gothic church. Most of the present building dates from the Gothic period being built between the 13th and 16th centuries. As this was a time of great conflict, much of the site is fortified. It was well worth the long detour to see.

As we didn't have much time to spare, we walked up through The Grande Rue which is the main thoroughfare and took a look at the little shops and buildings on the way up the hill. We didn't visit the great church and abbey at the top as it wasn't buggy-wheelchair-big pregnant lady friendly, but did see the parish church which dates back to the 11th century before letting the kids fly a kite and let off steam on the beach. The sand was grey and of mudlike consistency and EJ had a great time in the water covering himself in the stuff. It was a total strip job before we took off again and headed toward Paris ...

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Pam said...

These are beautiful. I would love to see some of the family albums! The kids looks so happy in all the photos! (You should see some of our vacation photos--no happy smiles there, lol.) Thanks for sharing all this great info with us. I have learned lots more about Europe than from our geography studies!