Sunday, January 06, 2008


This is AJ learning how to make some German sausages! The local butcher (like the baker and the chemist) was a friend of the family whose house we were staying. He and his wife were fantastic with the kids and invited them to come by one morning to see sausages being made out the back of their shop. They also invited us one evening for a BBQ at their home. Our kids enjoyed playing with their boys although there was more English spoken than German. Put us to shame. Such a lovely family.

The variety of meats was amazing. Much different to home.
More photos of around Rudersberg here


Pam said...

I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your travels. I have shown them to my ten year old son who has always wanted to visit Europe also. He thought they were "awesome." BTW, I tried to sign the guestbook, but when I was trying to load the photo I did something wrong and it just entered me twice without a photo. If you want to delete those two, I will redo it later. (Can you tell I am not very computer literate? lol.)
Thanks for sharing. I am also "nosy" and enjoy being an armchair visitor!

flmom said...

What an amazing hands-on learning experience!