Monday, January 28, 2008


Italian food is YUM! The deserts in the supermarkets would be my ruination if I lived
here. Not usually a big fan of ice cream, this was delicious. One shop boasted all 90 flavours of the stuff. Apparently in Sirmione where we visited, they have competitions to see who can pile the ice cream the highest.

This we found curious and had to buy. Black spaghetti which cooked up a dark grey colour! It was creamier than the stuff we buy back home and therefore felt worm-like to the palate ... almost a slimy consistency despite being cooked a la dente. But the kids thought it a great novelty so we cooked it up two nights in a row. The red things here are pickled peppers. Lidl's here is way more adventurous than back home!

I found an international cooking site which looks fascinating. There are 217 Italian recipes to browse here!

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Keri said...

You are quite the traveler!