Saturday, January 19, 2008

Around Paris city center

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First view of the Eiffel Tower

After a sleep we bravely hit the underground (all these stairs) and hopped on and off umpteen trains complete with 7 kids and 2 buggies.
Scotland must have been half empty that day as Paris was full of men in kilts over for a football match that evening.

Hubby and the others did the Eiffle Tower up to the top which took a good couple of hours but was worth it for the views. My vertigo dictated that my feet stay firmly on terra firma. I burned at least a million calories down below, keeping an eye on TG and junior and slept amazingly well in the tent that night, considering the bed was on a slope where the ground was subsiding!

Check out the Official Eiffle Tower website and the kids section!

Notre Dame

We also paid Notre Dame a visit which was interesting for the kids after having constructed a cardboard model of the building. The gothic architecture and sheer scale of the place was interesting. Inside was a bit conflicting as on one hand you have a priest doing mass ... why is that dude singing Mum ... and to the left of the congregation you have a souvenier racket going on, complete with squashed penny machine.

I've always wanted to see the Eiffel Tower in person and it was a fantastic experience for the kids, however after all that city stuff, we were really looking forward to breaking our journey south in forests of the Alps and Jura.
Travel tip ... avoid the school holidays and book early! Three nights in a supertent in Paris cost £40 all up!

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flmom said...

My son will enjoy the kids section of that site - thanks! How funny that you found a pressed penny machine. My oldest recently became interested in collecting those.