Saturday, January 12, 2008


Grape 2 If you are in Germany and can only visit one theme park, make it Tripsdrill! Inspired by laundry (yes honest!) the park is set in the countryside among beautiful vineyards ~ the photo left was taken from within the park itself
The kids all had a great time and unlike other places we've been to, there were lots of rides for TG who had a whale of a time! The buildings all resembled old German houses from this area and there was a vineyard section with equipment dating back to 1870.

The Clampets are in town

The kids enjoyed coming down the water shutes in laundry baskets!

As part of the entry ticket, we were able to gain access to Wild Paradise - a wildlife park which was a short walk from the theme park. This turned out to be yet another mountain top experience. (Previous walks had been uphill!) Hubby and TG had to abandon half way up but this pregnant woman soldiered on. The bears were non existant and the wolves looked like they'd been drugged but we saw hundreds of deer and mountain goats which were roaming freely through the forest so it was well worth the effort.

Bambi is alive and well.

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