Saturday, January 12, 2008

Vive la France

In January of last year when we found out that we'd be meeting relatives in France that September, we set about learning as much as we could with great gusto! We went looking for some French recipes and AJ and I flew round Tesco with a list. The objective was to create a three course authentic French meal which we found at Cecile's place. While the boys were out swinging from the trees and banging caps, B and I slaved over a hot stove. B made the starter by herself, prepared the potatoes for the main and helped make the batter for the crepes.

The Menu
Tomatoe Mozzarella - entree which is very popular in France but Italian in origin.
Volaille et Roquefort - Chicken cooked in a Roquefort/sour cream sauce (very easy and extremely yummy) with sauteed potatoes.

This was such good fun and educational too! We plan to work our way around the world in the kitchen. Recently I was in Lidl's (cheap European grocery store) with CJ and they had some Greek food in. He bought some tinned Octopus! Watch this space lol.

We also did some fun crafts before and after the visit.

Cork and toothpick Eiffel Tower and cardboard Notre Dame courtesy of the Opitec company.

Now we just need to plod on with the language!

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J's mum said...

Wow what an exciting homeschool life you all have.
Thanks heaps for visiting my blog, and pointing me in the direction of yours it is great!
I love your Matchstick buildings very clever, my daughter loved them also when I showed her them.
Happy homeschooling everyone.
Nicky in New Zealand.