Saturday, January 12, 2008


When we set of to Germany, we had no idea what to expect having never been before. I don't believe in stereotypes and like to experience places and people for myself. What a wonderful experience! The countryside is beautiful and like the buildings, full of contrasts. From the flat, flat fields of Saarland to the lush, rolling Swabian forests - and the wonderful old timber buildings, to the modern police station as seen below - there is always something to interest and surprise.

The people we met here were warm, welcoming, genuinely interested and great with the kids. This is AJ and CJ with some grapes from an elderly neighbour in R'berg. We also had another lady present us with plums and two children came one evening with a courgette from their garden. They were leaving the following day to holiday in Austria and wanted us to have it which was lovely. One day God willing, we will go back. I urge anyone looking for a great holiday to travel to Baden-W├╝rttemberg. It has been our best vacation to date!

Another thing that impressed me was that here a 'family ticket' means just that. None of the 2 adults 2 kids and extra cash for any additional children thing going on here. If they are all your own children, they are included. Also, they don't over charge. We paid 9 Euros all up for admission to the Beuren Open Air Museum and didn't have to pass through a shop on the way out. Prices are far more affordable than here in the UK.
I have omitted to write about a lot of the family stuff, just highlighting some places we visited that may be of interest. Likewise with photographs. If anyone would like access to family albums, please email. Now, on to France!

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