Saturday, January 19, 2008

Fun stuff - kids

Fun facts

The Eiffel Tower is named after architect Gustave Eiffel. In 1889 it was the tallest building in the world.

A lot of Parisians did not like the design and a petition was presented to the city government protesting its construction. It read, "We, the writers, painters, sculptors, architects and lovers of the beauty of Paris, do protest with all our vigour and all our indignation, in the name of French taste and endangered French art and history, against the useless and monstrous Eiffel Tower."

In 1885, Gustave Eiffel started a new project - the Statue of Liberty, which was given to the United States as a sign of international friendship.

Consumption of frogs' legs in France totals 3000 to 4000 tons per year which is 60 to 80 million frogs. Although that sounds like a lot, contrary to common belief, many French people do not eat frogs legs.

As frogs are a protected species in France, most frogs legs are imported from Indonesia.

To eat, dip them into flour then fry in a non-stick pan with olive oil and crushed garlic for 5 to 10 minutes.

France is also the biggest snail consumer in the world with 40,000 tons consumed per year. Most of the snails production is artisanal - gathering in the wild. The most popular way to eat them is "à la Bourguignone" with butter, parsley, garlic and spices. Here in the UK people are also eating their garden snails! Visit the BBC cooking page for a snail porridge recipe!

Fun activities

Learn a song!

We have just discovered Mama Lisa's website French children's songs . It looks great! She has songs for kids in all different languages with the English equivalent which you can listen to. We aim to learn one from every country listed (will let you know our progress lol.)

Do a JigZone puzzle!

L'Arc de Triomphe

The French Flag

Paris at night

Stained glass window Notre Dame

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