Friday, January 18, 2008

Around Paris - Versailles

After a night in a F1 hotel midway (budget chain in Europe) we made it to Charles de Gaulle airport in time for my husband's sister's flight touching down. Rather than sleep off the jet lag, it was unanimously decided that we make the most of the time and visit the palace of Versailles - pro versaj in french.

The palace is located southwest of Paris and was created by French King Louis XIII. The massive residence which contains the famous Hall of Mirrors was the last palace to be inhabited by a French King. Louis XVI and his wife Marie Antoinette resided here before the uprising during the French Revolution.
Although now a wealthy Parisian suburb,
'Versailles was the unofficial capital city of the kingdom of France from May 1682 (when King Louis XIV moved the court and government permanently to Versailles) until September 1715 (death of Louis XIV and regency, with the regent Philippe d'Orléans returning to Paris), and then again from June 1722 (when Louis XV returned to Versailles permanently) to October 1789 (when Louis XVI was forced to move back to Paris by the people of Paris). During the entire period, Paris remained the official capital city of France, and the official royal palace was the Palace of the Louvre, but in practice government affairs were conducted from Versailles, and Versailles was regarded as the real capital city'.

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More can be read here (official website) or here for palace information (Wilkopaedia).

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