Friday, December 21, 2007

Germany - Shorndorf and Beuren

This photograph was taken during our visit to Schorndorf, a medieval market town east of Stuttgart in Southern Germany.

Gottlieb Daimler inventor of the petrol engine, was born in this town in 1834. All over the region we were amused to see streets in every town and village bearing his name. It could prove confusing.
We happened to arrive on market day in the old town which has beautifully preserved timbered houses.

The plaque above this house states "In diesem hause wohnte 1689-1741 die Burgermeisterin Barbara Kunklein" which I think translates as "The mayoress Barbara Kunklein lived in this house from 1689-1741."

From Schorndorf we drove to the small rural town of Beuren to visit Germany's first open air museum where buildings from the region dating as far back as the 13th C have been relocated. We had a fascinating glimpse into how people from Neckar Valley and Swabian Alb would have lived and the types of crops and animals that they would have farmed. Buildings included a bake house, weaver's cottage and fanastic farmhouses and barns. I could have easily moved right on in and left somewhat envious of the simple way of life and sense of community that these folks would have had.

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