Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Germany - Rothenburg

Earlier this year we travelled through Europe. In August we spent some time in Germany. I will post some photos here of some of the more interesting places we visited.

The little medieval town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber with it's beautifully preserved walls and buildings was my all time favourite. The full title would have been "Rothenburg oberhalb der Tauber" which translates as "Rothenburg over the Tauber", as the town is located on top of a mount overlooking the river Tauber.

We'd encountered a great deal of skeptism from folks in Swabia when we mentioned our intention to visit. Rothenburg has a reputation for tourists ... 2.1 million a year to be precise, but on the day we visited there were no unmanageable crowds. As well as being Germany's most visited tourist attraction it is also a working town of 12,000 people who have managed to preserve their history and heritage while living in the 21st century.

Click here to visit our Rothenburg Album. You will see the half timbered houses, cobbled streets, beautiful hand crafted wooden toys and spot a German delicacy which looked really yummy but tasted more like stale scones!


Jim said...

Thank you for the visit, Deborah.

We visited Rothenburge for a couple of days in 2000. It was a wonderful visit there, we found a very nice B&B from the Information Center board on the Sunday afternoon when we came in.

If you came to see my WW, it is on my other blog (I must have had a wrong link somewhere for the backyard scenes). At

I'm bar hopping there in Dublin, Ireland (last spring).

Daddys Chicks said...

Thanks for visiting me. My husband lived in Germany when he was a small child. We would love one day to take us their. I must show him your pictures. Merry CHRISTmas.


Shushan said...

Wouldnt let me see your album without signing in, but the trip sounds like it was lovely. Congrats!