Thursday, May 01, 2008


After exiting the Skyline drive at Rockfish Gap, we camped out in another cabin which fronted onto the Shenadoah river. The first was on the north branch of the river and this one, the south.

The following day the gentleman next door who was down for the weekend, took hubby and the kids out for a trip on the river in his pontoon. He had life jackets for all as he does this with his grandkids which is really great. Once again we experienced wonderful southern hospitality. On their return, they moored at his little jetty and he got tyre tubes and fishing rods for the kids so they stayed there and paddled around the river. The boys were also able to use the canoe which was supplied.

We drove into the little town of Shenadoah to pick up supplies. As the photos show, entertainment need not be expensive. We have checked out everything, from fire hydrants to fire engines! Even the thunderstorms were fun!

Miss T is travelling very well and loves the close proximity of everyone together when we go on holiday. Here she is in the cabin working away on her laptop (which I'm borrowing to write this post :) ~ More photos ~

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