Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Caesar Creek Park

Playing blog catch up again. I was the last to be wiped out with the 24 hour gastric flu that has done the rounds - that should teach me not to be so smug. Sunday morning I felt queasy so CJ stayed with me as a runner when hubby and two of the others attended church. By evening I was well and truly dying, or so it felt at the time. (Another lesson in giving sympathy to sick husband).

By Monday afternoon, I was still a bit green around the gills but able to take a fifteen minute walk around the Pioneer Village at Caesar's Creek which is only a short drive from where we're staying. A non-profit organization, this park is 'dedicated to promoting a deeper understanding of the history of Southwestern Ohio Frontier during its settlement from 1793-1812'. You can tell I nicked that bit from the web.

Dandelion clocks

We were able just to park and wander around at our leisure. As a non staffed site, the buildings are generally kept locked and opened for events, however we got talking to a couple who were doing some maintenance and they were able to let us into the general store and opened up the school house for the kids to have a look at. ~Read more/photos ~

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