Monday, May 12, 2008

Last note from Ohio

Having some down days before heading south to Kentucky on Wednesday. The kids are enjoying the weather and being outdoors. Out the back there is a creek and some woodland so they're having a great time exploring. Saturday evening we decided to light a campfire and make smores. We went shopping for the ingredients and Mike, the neighbour lit his fire in their garden at tea time and gave our guys a smore making lesson. The kids then lit the one in the woods and ate up large on s'more! We've also enjoyed playing corn hole. Bill and Nancy, the neighbours on the other side taught the kids how to play this game and every couple of days they are found over there. Both sets of neighbours are lovely people and have been extremely kind and welcoming. This weekend I also had the pleasure of meeting Caron. We've been emailing for a bit and it was like meeting a second self!

We have had such a lovely time here in the home of the V family. It has been a time of real relaxation.
Better finish up here and try and plan our our last week. On Wednesday coming we'll be here three weeks which is really hard to believe. Time has flown so quickly. From here, we drive south and have two nights near Mammoth Caves and another two in Daniel Boon Forest (Both Kentucky). After this we drive down to North Carolina and have another couple of nights near the Cherokee Indian reservation before heading to Tennessee and Georgia. From Georgia the vague plan is to drive up to North Carolina and Virginia. As it's Memorial Day weekend, I'd best book up the accommodation now. TG will celebrate her seventh birthday on the 26th, two days before we fly home which will be special. Hopefully will be able to update from time to time on the road. D

Snaps from the campfire

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