Thursday, May 01, 2008

Home exchange

Friday night

We have another casualty here to the tummy bug so I'm still getting caught up. Miss T is the latest to go down with it which is a pity as we managed to get her in for an adaptive swim lesson at the YMCA this afternoon and had to cancel. They run them every Friday and we were so keen to attend as we have nothing like this back home. Hubby has taken the older boys are over there now and hopefully they'll get to use the climbing wall.

It doesn't seem like long ago that I discovered a family from the USA had joined CHEF (the Christian Home Exchange fellowship that we're members of) and sent off a hopeful email to them. Now it has become a reality and we are installed in their home in Lebanon OH, and they in ours! I guess it was the AIG Creation Museum in Kentucky that planted the original seed.

We arrived on here on Monday afternoon to spend some time with the family who left for Ireland on Wednesday. It was great to meet them and they were wonderful taking time before their own big trip to settle us in and show us around.

Monday evening we went to a Mongolian restaurant which was fun although hubby couldn't eat anything and EJ vomited :/ It works by filling one bowl with veggies and meat, and another with sauce. The fellas in the above photo cook it up for you. Extremely yum!

The following day S took us all up to the Boonshoft Children's Museum in Dayton which was wonderful. They joined up for us which means we can access all different museums that take part in the scheme and likewise we joined up the National Trust back home which will allow them to visit historic homes and parks. The kids had a fabulous time. ~slideshow~

That evening C had arranged a potluck tea with neighbours and friends from their church. It was a great evening and we really enjoyed meeting everyone. The food was A1 and we had our first taste of sweet tea! The boys met a like minded young man who collects fossils (this area has heaps) and they found a snake outside. If you are reading this, thanks a million guys and the kitties are doing fine!

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