Thursday, May 08, 2008

Creation Museum Kentucky


Once mother finally surfaced for the day it was decided that we would head down to Kentucky to the Creation Museum which is just under a one hour drive from where we are.

It was well worth the visit and I would highly recommend it. We did skip one gallery but the rest was great. And yes, I did see Ken Ham. It was kinda funny as I was coming back from the ladies bathroom wheeling my two little guys and flew round a corner just as he was heading into a room. I must have had that strange 'it really is him' look on my face as he chuckled and said hi. I'd told the kids that he wouldn't be there as he's due to be lecturing at the Waterfront Hall in Belfast later on this week which I guess threw me a little.

Deb's tips ...
If you are BF, wear appropriate gear. I didn't and there are no nursing rooms. I wound up feeding my little guy, standing up in the disabled loos :/
If you are in a wheelchair, take someone with you to open the doors. Excellent new building but no obvious automatic doors at entrance and bathroom doors I found difficult to manage with a buggy.
Tickets are pretty expensive (hubby and kids also did the planetarium) but comparable with theme parks. They do a good work though, it's well staffed and the exhibits are brilliant. (If you live here, a family pass would be worthwhile.) I felt that they could have thrown in the Disney type photo for free :) Maybe wishful thinking on my part as I was torn between thinking that it would be a really neat souvenir, but didn't want to part with $15/$20 for one/two Polaroid photos. (In the end I bought t-shirts for the boys on sale for the same amount.) Their squished penny machine is twice the price of all the others (I'm being picky now.) Maybe I'll write to them lol.

Footnote to my readers. I appreciate that we all have differing world views and I enjoy the mutual respect to be found here in blogsphere. You guys like 99% of others, are really great. However, if you disagree with my beliefs (Christian and creationist) and anything I write is offensive to you (which I try not to be) you don't have to read this. In my last blog I was left nasty comments, something which I personally would never do to anyone.

If you are interested in finding out more about what I believe, feel free to get in touch and I'd love to share.

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