Monday, February 04, 2008

New Adventure

Last month we arranged a home exchange with a family in Ohio. It all started off with a proposed visit to the Creation Science Museum in Kentucky. Now I'm in the planning stage. Fun, fun, fun! We hope to fly into Washington D.C. and stop en route in Virginia. At present we're not sure exactly how long to make the trip as we have something else planned for the end of the year which will make it our last trip in a while. (Will share at a later date.)

I will post ideas here and welcome any tips from my readers stateside.


lilywhite said...

How exciting for you!!
I've been thinking about that 'flat traveler' project. What exactly does it involve and are you still interested?

naturalpaths said...

Oh wow! How exciting for all of you. Are you familiar with the Homeschooling And Loving It blog? (I hope that link is correct.) I know she has mentioned the Creation Museum on her blog. You might contact her privately for ideas.

My oldest son will be so jealous. He has been wanting to go to Washington, D.C.

SuzyScribbles said...

You're going to the Creation museum in Kentucky???? Oh! I started getting Answers in Genesis mag, and I SO want to go to the museum. You lucky ducks!
Unfortunately, I can't justify this trip quite yet. No family lives there, and it's WAY across the states for us. Have a wonderful time and post lots and lots of pictures!
BTW, Pam told me to go to your travel blog. You are an energetic person. Have you heard about the Homeschool Lounge? We're all over there. Click the banner on my blog under my picture and join up! It's confusing at first, but fun.
Hope to see you there.