Sunday, February 03, 2008

Italy cont ... around the lake

Lake Garda is very pretty and deceptively big. It took us several hours to drive around it but was worth it for the lovely scenery.

Here we stopped in a little town called Bardolino and visited this museum. Good point - it was free - bad, it had no disabled access. Hubby had to take TG back to the car and wait for us to do the tour. The film was informative and told of the history of olive cultivation which I found interesting from a Biblical perspective. This is the most northern point that olives are grown in Europe as the region has a Mediterranean climate and boast flora that is usually found in southern Europe. The exhibits showed presses from different ages and we tasted some yummy freebies in the shop before parting with some euros.

Just north of Bardolino are the Dolomites of Lake Garda - a stunning, rugged mountain range as see here from the road around the lake.

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