Sunday, February 03, 2008


One of the highlights for our kids when on the road is discovering the local wildlife. I was out with friends in a park last year and one mother was tortured by her kids who announced every few minutes that they were bored! Not ours ... whether it's making things out of twigs or stones or trying to catch a lizard in a net, they are happiest outdoors.

CJ is passionate about animals and bought a net, determined to catch one of these little guys which were all over the campsite. He managed to get this one, probably because it was deformed on one side, only having stumps for legs. They were very fast otherwise. I think he'd have like it for a pet.

Initially I'd planned to do Verona and Venice but the drive took a lot longer and was more costly than anticipated due to the performance of the car. The kids were happiest running around the camping ground and splashing in the pool and TG loves water. I'd definitely recommend Lake Garda as a family destination.

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naturalpaths said...

He would love to visit our house! We have tons of geckos around. My oldest is currently wild about running all over the yard to catch butterflies.