Friday, February 15, 2008

Ireland S&T

I'm not having much joy with things at the minute. The scanner isn't working, the sewing machine has decided to eat fabric and the pc has expired taking with it my new son's baby pictures (and all the photo archives dating back four years.) I would be distraught, but I'm trying to maintain perspective. :)

Once the scanner was pronounced dead thus prohibiting me from blogging about earlier travel exploits, I decided to do write posts on Ireland but now with the pc gone, so are my photographs. I did find a few on flickr that I happened to upload last year.

These snapshots were taken at the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum in Cultra. This is my dd with a flat traveller that she was showing around from Mississippi.

The open air museum is set over 170 acres and the buildings there have been brought here from all over the province and sympathetically rebuilt/restored.

This street is typical of old Belfast.

An Irish cottage was small and consisted of an open room which was both kitchen and living room with a hearth where all the cooking was done. There would have been one bedroom to the side and a loft for the children. In some peasant cottages, the family would all have slept in the open living space. The photo below was taken in the rectory (below it) where soda farls were being cooked on a griddle over the fire. There are flag stones on the floor - this would have been a very grand house.

We also enjoyed browsing the old fashioned sweet shop and watching a weaving demonstration.

Great link:

Today I found J's new travel blog which is titled Cottage on Wheels. As the wind and rain were beating down on the window I was transported many miles away! Great antidote to grey skies and cold temperatures. So nice to grab a cuppa - lemsip in my case for a stinking head cold, and enjoy the read and relaxing sounds as you follow this family on their 2 year adventure in an RV.

I will post some more links on my side bar of some other neat homeschool blogs that I have to finish up for now. Kids are all sick. To view other Show & Tells, visit Mary in Canada.


Jenn4him said...

I love that photo of the house. What a wonderful garden right up to the front door. Have a great weekend. I am sorry to hear of your technological difficulties.

Anonymous said...

What lovely photos! That old house looks so peaceful!

Blessing Hill said...

You succeded in transporting me back in time and across the ocean. I love the cozy little cottage, and the sweet shop looks really tempting! Thanks for mentioning my site! We can now armchair travel from across the ocean - how cool is that! I'm sorry to hear about all the computer problems. Hope they get fixed soon.

Pam said...

I love reading your travel blog. As a matter of fact, I was just saying on my S&T post how much I like it. Beautiful pictures. I hope the technological difficulties are quickly resolved.

Jenny aka jacstew said...

Sorry to hear about your computer difficulties...have you tried having someone try and retreieve information from your hard drive? You may have not lost everything.

Your pictures are wonderful. I love Ireland.

take care,

Jenny aka jacstew

bethanyrae said...

I've loved going back through your blog this morning. thanks for sharing all these travel memories and pictures with us. I especially like the Irish things. We'd love to go there sometime. My husband's family emigrated from there because of the potato famine, and we think it's such a beautiful place.

Mary aka Canadagirl said...

I love hearing about your world. I love the pics. And I am so sorry about your pics. Take it to someone who might be able to retreave your pics off the hard drive. I had the same thing happen and a friend was able to save it all. I will pray that this is to be for you. I really want to redue your blog if you still want. My life is going to slow down now that the boys are at the BC Winter Games. Were you able to watch the video clip ? Or not with the computer woes ? The granite for the curling rocks came from your neck of the woods. It thought that was soooo cool.

I have been thinking of you and pray things come together.

Sending blessings and ((hugs)) my SSiC.

PS: I LOVE your travel blog [0=

Anonymous said...

Great S&T. That was so cool. Sorry about your computer problems and praying that you all get to feeling better real soon.

naturalpaths said...

Oh boy - it sounds like you are having the bad luck that we had last year. I hope I didn't just jinx myself - I need to get a new printer hooked up today (I always hate installing the software).

Beautiful, beautiful pictures!