Wednesday, June 04, 2008


On October 19, 1871, the decisive military campaign of the American Revolution culminated with the British surrender to combined American and French forces under the command of George Washington. The Siege of Yorktown effectively ended the six year struggle for American Independence and set the stage for a new government and nation.

The Yorktown Victory Center is located near the battlefield and has re-created a Continental Army encampment, complete with sleeping quarters, supply tents and cooking fires. The boys really enjoyed themselves and got to try on military uniform. All the staff here were fantastic and made is such fun!

In the gallery exhibits, we learned a little about the Declaration of Independence and the Revolution and the development of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

After the encampment, a short walk lead us to the 1780's Farm which provided a glimpse at home life after the Revolution on a typical Tidewater Virginia farm. We saw tobacco being grown and I really enjoyed walking through the re-created buildings.

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