Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Around Armagh

Another humble abode

I'm determined to get the most out of my NT membership but it just won't stop raining. A couple of Saturdays ago, we drove to the coast thinking we'd do the Giant's Causeway and beach. Although not quite biblical proportions, the deluge must've been getting pretty close. For those of you who don't have the privilege of inhabiting this cold, damp island, we've had the worst flooding for over 40 years (or something like that.)

One afternoon the last weekend in August, it did stop raining and the sun actually shone so I took a walk around the grounds of The Argory which is an old country estate in the county where we live. Here are some snapshots of the well watered garden.

I'm not sure what these great plants actually are. The leaves are huge and the inside intriguing ... to little old me anyway. Any clues? I'd love some in my garden.

Next weekend our local shopping town hosts 'The Country comes to Town' - one day a year when they close the town off and bring in animals, tractors and stalls etc. Usually it's the same old stuff from the previous year, even down to the layout of the stalls but this year is the 10th anniversary, so there may well be subtle changes. EJ is tractor and animal mad so it will be nice to go with an enthusiastic charge. The full report shall appear here.


flmom said...

These photos are breathtaking - such beautiful surroundings! I get to take a mini trip whenever I visit and view your pics. :o)

You mentioned the African recipes ... hubby and I love lentils and beans, but the kids do not. I checked out an African cookbook from the library this summer and enjoyed reading through it, but I knew the kids wouldn't eat anything from it. *sigh* Such is life with picky eaters (and my little one is getting pickier).

Glenn said...

Hi Deborah!
That amazing plant is "Gunnera Manicata", sometimes known as Giant Rhubarb.
We have one in our garden, and it is really awesome! All the foliage dies back in the winter, and the speed at which the new seasons growth comes on, has to be seen to be believed! If you know someone with one, you can cut a piece of root, with a spade, in the winter/spring, and it will surely grow for you...if you are ever in Ballymoney, you can have some of ours! My wife Geraldine wouldn't mind...she thinks it is threatening to come in the kitchen window!