Sunday, July 27, 2008

Trips on the drawing board

Next weekend we will be tripping around the west coast of Ireland with our tent for four nights. The joys of hubby working pt and having a flexible boss! I've been trying to check out camping grounds as we've never camped in Ireland before despite living here for the past 11 years. We haven't even been down that coast either. Anything linked to the caravan club charge upward of Euro 24 per night for a pitch but I've managed to find some modest but adequate sites between 6-10 Euro - much more sporting.
We hope to visit Castle Coole in Enniskillen - I really do intend making the most of this NT membership, Drumcliff Celtic cross in Sligo (birthplace of W.B. Yeats), Connemara National Park, The Burren and Cliffs of Mohr which will take us down as far as County Clare. I'd like to visit the lakes in Killarny but time does not permit.
We will be trialling our new tent which we hope, current non existent budget permitting, to take to Europe in September.

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